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Time for vehicle towing? Whether you’ve had a breakdown on the side of the road or need a towing service, there are several benefits to calling for a tilt tray tow truck instead of a cradle lift tow truck. New to the automotive industry? If you haven’t yet worked with a local towing company, read on below to learn more about the top reasons Combined Towing suggests tray towing servicing for your car–and what to ask for before you make a booking.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Most Cars Should Book Tray Servicing Tow Trucks

Whether you’re an experienced car owner or have had a minor breakdown and need a lift, Combined Towing has been in the industry of lifting, storing, and supporting vehicles NSW-wide for over 40 years. Highly experienced towing luxury vehicles, commercial equipment, and privately owned cars alike, we know the mechanics of getting your car to… well, the mechanic! And always suggest booking a tow truck tray service whenever possible. Why? Read on for our top five reasons for hiring a tilt tray tow truck.

  1. 4WD and AWD: If you’re driving a four-wheel-drive or AWD vehicle, chances are your car must be towed on a tilt tray. Why? Because of the mechanisms of your car, the vehicle’s four wheels must move in tandem–even when two of the four are lifted off the truck bed or ground. Because a cradle or ‘front lift’ style tow truck lifts the first two wheels off the ground while the back two move along, the front, lifted wheels must continue to spin–potentially resulting in serious damage to the inner workings of your car.
  2. (Further) Damage Proof: Have you been in a fender bender? Or perhaps a more serious collision? If your car has sustained damage and you’re hoping to minimise further impact before having it assessed, a tilt tray entirely lifts your car off the road and onto the flatbed–thereby minimising the risk of further damage by leaving the two back wheels driving along the road.
  3. Multi-car Service: Whether you need multiple cars serviced or several units of commercial equipment transported, a tilt tray can move multiple cars and machines at a time–perfect for logistics or multi-car pileups.
  4. Luxury Car Ready: Driving a high-value car? Whether you’ve invested in an antique or modern luxury car, having all four wheels (and the body!) up and off the road will minimise the risk of damages, scratches, or road wear and tear. Also, note a lot of new-age cars the bumper is a lot closer to the ground making a cradle lift (front lift) a lot higher risk of excess damage!
  5. Hard to Reach Spaces: Found your car in a tight spot? Whether we’re helping to reclaim your car from being repossessed or another vehicle has locked you into an odd parking spot, a tilt tray can help extract your vehicle when the time is right.


Booking a Tilt Tray Tow Truck and Getting Back on the Road

New to the towing industry? Combined Towing’s experienced drivers can help you get in for a service and back on the road in no time. Well-versed in assessing and determining the best type of tow truck for your ride, we make sure that our car, commercial equipment, and motorbikes are handled with care.

If you need an immediate quote, emergency pickup, or know that your car is going in for a service in a few weeks’ time, you can count on our team to get the job done. Both over the phone and online, get in touch with Combined Towing’s friendly front-of-house team today for a cost quote and consult.

Dedicated to servicing private car owners, business owners, and commercial equipment hirers alike, we’re one of New South Wales’ leading towing companies for good reason. Give Combined Towing a call for support with your transport needs today.