Prestige Towing – Specialty Vehicle Services

Sydney’s Prestige Vehicle Towing Specialists

With over five decades of expertise in managing vintage, specialty, and prestige vehicle towing, our Sydney tow truck team is skilled at transporting your valuable vehicle securely and efficiently from point A to point B. Our team regularly undergoes training to stay up to date on the latest towing techniques and safety protocols. This commitment to continuous learning and improvement guarantees exceptional service for all your towing and transportation needs.

Specialising in towing in Sydney, we are well-versed in the recovery and transportation of high-value cars and bikes. Our Sydney tow trucks are outfitted with special ramps designed to support lowered vehicles during loading, ensuring damage-free loading and unloading. This ensures the safety and integrity of your vehicle during the entire towing process.

For services involving a tow in Sydney, we understand the unpredictable nature of vehicle emergencies and are fully equipped to provide urgent response towing for such unexpected situations. Our team is trained in various towing techniques, suitable for different vehicle types and situations, providing a versatile and adaptable service.

Full Insurance

Full insurance coverage up to $10M

Average Time Reposition

Fast 60-minute (average) pickup for non-urgent bookings

Combined Towing’s Prestige Towing Services

With a thorough knowledge of the specific needs associated with different types of vehicles, we offer expert towing and transportation services for:

Luxury Cars  •  Racing Vehicles  • Lowered Vehicles •  Motorbikes  • Vintage Cars  •  Forklifts & Machinery

For over 5 decades, handling forklift & machine transport represents just a fraction of our expertise: we have moved every type of car from Hummers to Porsches and V8 supercars and are always available for towing near me needs. Our team is committed to ensuring that your vehicle’s custom features and conditions are meticulously preserved during transit. Our proficiency in towing within Sydney involves not just transportation but also the delicate recovery of high-value cars and bikes.

The versatility of our services means that we can effectively handle any towing challenge, whether it involves a luxury car, a vintage vehicle, or even heavy machinery. For reliable and expert tow truck Sydney services to ensure your vehicle’s custom work remains pristine, contact our prestige towing team today.

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