With over 40 years’ experience handling speciality, prestige, and vintage cars, our team knows how to efficiently and safely get your vehicle from point A to B.

Well trained in towing, recovery, and transportation of high-value cars and bikes, our trucks are equipped with special ramps to accommodate lowered vehicles during loading.

Among the features we offer to minimise the risk (and stress!) for every one of our customers, we offer:

Full Insurance

Full insurance coverage up to $10M

Average Time Reposition

Fast 60-minute (average) pickup for non-urgent bookings

Prestige and Specialty Towings

Combined Towing Special Handling Tows

Our expert team has significant experience towing and transporting:

  • Luxury Cars
  • Racing Vehicles
  • Lowered Vehicles
  • Motorbikes
  • Vintage Cars

For over 4 decades we have moved every type of car from Hummers to Porsches and V8 supercars. Want to make sure your custom work stays in tact? Contact our team today.

Get a Combined Towing instant quote and book a service by phone, live chat, or on the web.