Combined Towing: Towing in Sydney for 40 Years

Over 40 years, we have taken the time to build lasting relationships with local dealers, insurance companies, and government departments to ensure our clients are well cared for.

Why? Because it’s not just about towing! Our capacity and significant experience allows Combined Towing to also offer:

  • Customer pickup and delivery
  • Pre-car delivery
  • Secure vehicle, boat, and machinery storage
  • Support with vehicle repossessions
  • Full insurance coverage up to $10M
  • An average 60-minute pickup time for non-urgent bookings
Trade Professional Towings

Customer Pickup and Delivery

From servicing appointments to repairs, our team can help get you from point A to be with our prompt and efficient valet service.

tow truck sydney specialty prestige towing service by bomdined towing

Pre-car Delivery

Is time of the essence for you? Our experts can ensure your pre-car delivery is prioritised and completed as soon as possible for local key sits including Prix Car, Patricks, and Car Prep.

Tow Truck Sydney Car Disposal Reposession Service


Need help reclaiming for vehicle after a challenging time? We can help handle your repossession claims and get your car back in your care.

Secure Car Storage in sydney tow truck service

Secure Storage

Our two secure and accessible storage facilities in Alexandria and Lane Cove offer:

  • 2 city-convenient locations
  • Multi-level storage racks for capacity over 800 vehicles, bikes, and boats
  • Undercover, enclosed, and external holding areas

Both of our storage locations have 24-hour security to ensure the safety of your most valuable possessions. Better still? Our facilities double as a secure holding space for NSW Police. How’s that for secure?

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