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Tow Trucks in Sydney: NSW's Largest Fleet

We don’t need to say it again–but we will anyway. Our tow truck fleet is the largest in NSW–and we’re proud of it! Among our trucks, we maintain:
  • 40 late-model tilt-tray flatbeds (mostly Hino’s!)
  • Several extra-large tilt-tray trucks to accommodate two vehicles and over 7 tonnes
  • Low clearance car park trucks to handle lowered and speciality vehicles
And make sure to replace our tilt-trays every 2-3 years to ensure superior quality and protection.

Combined Towing: Not Just Sydney’s Tow Truck Fleet

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, Combined Towing can help. We have two central storage facilities that can store over 800 vehicles, bikes, and boats in Alexandria and Lane Cove.

Among the features making ours a top-notch storage facility, we offer:

  • Multi-level storage racks to accommodate over 800 vehicles
  • Undercover, enclosed, and external holding areas
  • 24-hour call centre, dispatch control, and on-site security
  • Reception area access between 7am and 6pm Monday – Saturday each week.

And we double as a holding facility for NSW Police. How’s that for secure?

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