If you’re like most drivers, you probably don’t think about towing until you need it. But when you need it, it’s important to know who to call. That’s where we come in. At Combined Towing, we specialise in towing vehicles that are stuck or damaged in low clearance areas. So, whether you were in an accident or have broken down in a low clearance carpark, we can help. Combined Towing has the experience and equipment necessary to get your car out of any tight spot safely and quickly.

How Combined Towing Deal with Low Clearance Carparks

Given the limited access with a low clearance carpark, we have adapted our carpark towing methods in order to extract your broken-down vehicle in the most efficient way. By opting to use a smaller, specialised truck, we can reach all areas of low clearance carparks to a minimum height of 1.9 meters. Although, given the nature of this procedure, it does require the use of two trucks during the extraction.

Both trucks play an integral role in recovering a stuck or broken-down vehicle in a low clearance carpark. Whilst the specialised truck is effective in situations requiring a carpark towing extraction, because of its size it is not suitable to independently and safely deliver your vehicle to its destination. Despite it only being able to transport your vehicle outside of the low clearance carpark and to the street, this is where one of our secondary tilt tray tow trucks will intervene and will continue the tow, to a location where further assistance can be sought regarding the accident or breakdown.

What If My Vehicle is Locked or Stuck in Gear?

If your vehicle happens to be locked or stuck in gear, all we require is some assistance from a ‘floor jack’ and ‘go jacks’. These tools ensure that the wheels of your vehicle aren’t dragging along the road or placing unwanted force on the vehicle, which can cause further damage.

Our floor jacks are Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade tools, with the capacity to lift 2.3-mt. This impressive weight makes it the optimum solution for any lifting situation, even for sports cars and other exotic vehicles that require special care during maintenance following a carpark breakdown. These floor jacks are placed under the car for us to lift the wheels. With greater access under the vehicle, we then place a go jack under each wheel. Go jacks are specifically designed to lift tires off the ground, and in place of this, use castor wheels for maximum mobility when rolling vehicles into tight areas, which make maneuvering your

vehicle safe and easy. The go jack’s wheeling eliminates any pressure on your vehicle’s tires

as we begin the vehicle extraction.

What can I Expect During the Floor and Go Jacks Extraction?

The low clearance carpark tow itself is quite a niche and specialised task, and requires between 2-4 workers from Combined Towing to ensure that the extraction is performed safely without causing damage to your car, other cars in the carpark, or even the carpark building itself. The specific location and nature of the carpark breakdown or accident will determine the procedure of your vehicle’s extraction. If go-jacks are required, a minimum of 4 Combined Towing team members are needed. This is because when your car is loaded onto the go-jacks, the car effectively is “free rolling” on the go-jacks and needs one team member at each corner of the car to slowly and safely maneuver the car from the tight space to a location where it can be strapped and secured to the car park recovery truck. Once the car is extracted to street level outside of the car park with no height restrictions, it’s then loaded by a winch to the slide bed tow truck for transport to its final destination.

If you find yourself in an accident or broken down in a low clearance carpark, don’t panic! Give us a call anytime or anyplace for assistance and we’ll be happy to help. Our team of experts are here to make sure that you’re back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.