Greetings, Toyota enthusiasts and Sydney drivers! The open road can sometimes present us with unexpected challenges. This blog post aims to explain the intricacies of towing Toyota vehicles from breakdowns and accidents. As we discuss Australia’s most common Toyota models, Combined Towing’s vast arsenal of tow trucks in Sydney and precision towing services to ensure a smooth resolution during these unforeseen situations.

The Common Models of Toyota in Sydney:

Toyota vehicles are known for their reliability and versatility on Sydney roads. Let’s take a look at some of the most common Toyota models before we discuss towing solutions:

  1. Toyota Hilux: The Hilux is known for its ruggedness and adaptability among Australians. This robust utility vehicle requires specialised towing and is highly recommended to be towed on a tilt tray tow truck  so all wheels are off the road due to the sheer weight, even if the Hilux is not a 4WD.
  2. Toyota Corolla: Always known for its fuel efficiency and practicality, it is a staple on the road. Towing this compact car requires precision to avoid further damage. Toyota Corolla’s can be towed on a slide bed tow truck or a front lift tow truck (cradle lift) if the rear wheels are not damaged. (Note – with an electric handbrake, when towing, it is recommended to use a tilt-tray or slide-bed as the handbrake can come on anytime automatically, risking more damage if towing with a front lift tow truck).
  3. The Land Cruiser is the epitome of off-road excellence and may find itself in unexpected situations. This SUV requires specialised equipment and expertise to tow due to its size and weight. The Land Cruiser MUST only be towed on a tray. Or will it cause more damage.
  4. As a family favourite, the Camry requires careful handling due to its midsize sedan build. As with the Corolla, the Toyota Camry can be towed by tilt tray tow truck, or a front lift tow truck,  as long as there is no rear wheel damage. Remember the same as the Corolla –  front lift a Camry with an electric handbrake with extreme caution!


Toyota Towing by Combined Towing:

Combined Towing’s vast number of Sydney tow trucks is your lifeline when you are in a tight spot and need fast and quality service. Their approach to towing Toyota vehicles is as follows:

  1. The right Sydney towing services will handle any Toyota model, from the family-friendly Camry to the rugged Hilux.
  2. The Sydney tow trucks are equipped with specialised equipment to handle a variety of towing scenarios, ensuring your Toyota will be transported safely.
  3. With local expertise, Sydney tow trucks ensure a prompt and efficient response to breakdowns or accidents on Sydney’s roads.
  4. Combined Towing is the preferred towing partner of Sydney City Toyota, Australia’s largest Toyota and Lexus dealership.
  5. Combined Towing is a preferred Towing partner of Toyota Insurance.



Toyota Towing Tips in Sydney:

  1. Identify your Toyota model to ensure the tow truck operator brings the right equipment and expertise.
  2. Towing safety should be a top priority. Secure your Toyota to the tow truck from 4 separate points, preventing further damage during transportation, and minimising safety risks.
  3. Ensure you choose towing services with the necessary certifications and experience in towing Toyota vehicles.


In conclusion:

Breakdowns and accidents are part of the driving experience, whether cruising through rugged terrain in a Hilux or navigating Sydney’s urban jungle in a Corolla. Combined Towing is a reliable ally during those times, equipped to handle the unique demands of towing Toyota vehicles. You can confidently drive, knowing that help is just a phone call away.

Combined Towing understands Toyota models, prioritises your safety, and is the best choice for efficient and reliable Toyota towing in Sydney. Rest assured that assistance is always available!