When adversity strikes on the road, you need a dependable lifeline to rescue you and your vehicle. That’s where tow trucks come into play, offering a swift response and professional assistance to get you back on track. Whether you’re facing a breakdown, need assistance after an accident, or require salvage towing services, this guide is your go-to resource.

The Tow Truck Industry in Sydney

Tow trucks are not just about moving vehicles from point A to point B; it’s about maintaining the flow and safety of Sydney’s roads.

Behind every tow truck is a skilled and highly trained operator who plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safe transport of vehicles in Sydney. These operators are not just drivers; they are professionals with a deep understanding of vehicle dynamics, safety protocols, and the intricacies of towing different types of vehicles.

A crucial aspect of the tow truck industry in Sydney is vehicle salvaging. When a vehicle has been involved in a significant accident or requires extensive repairs, tow truck operators can assist in the salvage process.

The Different Types of Tow Trucks in Sydney

The different types of tow trucks you can find on Sydney’s streets include:

  • Flatbed Tow Trucks

Flatbed tow trucks, also known as slide bed tow trucks, or tiltray tow trucks, are a common sight on Sydney’s roads and offer safe vehicle transport. These versatile trucks are well-suited for transporting luxury or high-end vehicles, thanks to their flat, level bed that provides a stable platform, minimising the risk of damage during transport. Moreover, flatbed tow trucks are preferred for towing all-wheel-drive (AWD) and four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicles, ensuring all four wheels are off the ground during transport to prevent potential damage to the drivetrain.

  • Tow Trucks with Wheel Lifts (Cradle Trucks)

Tow trucks with wheel lifts, known as cradle trucks, excel in towing compact vehicles, including front-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive cars. Their manoeuvrability makes them ideal for navigating tight spaces in Sydney’s urban areas, ensuring they can tow from congested streets and confined spaces with ease. The wheel lift mechanism guarantees a precise and controlled towing experience by securely lifting the vehicle’s wheels off the ground.

  • Bogey Tow Trucks for Commercial and Heavy Vehicles

Bogey tow trucks are built for heavy-duty tasks demanded by Sydney’s commercial and industrial sectors. They specialise in towing commercial vehicles, including delivery trucks, buses, and construction equipment, making them a robust choice. When it’s time to move hefty machinery like excavators or cranes, bogey tow trucks are indispensable due to their strength and specialised equipment that can handle substantial weight. Their versatility ensures they can adapt to tow a wide range of heavy loads, helping businesses maintain smooth operations even in challenging situations.


Towing Services in Sydney

Recovery from Accidents

Roadside Assistance

  • Breakdown Help: Tow trucks assist with common breakdowns like dead batteries, flat tires, or engine trouble.
  • On-Spot Repairs: Operators can offer solutions for minor repairs like jump-starts or tire changes.
  • Ran out of fuel: Operators can offer get youi going again if you run out of fuel on busy Sydney streets.
  • Locked Out Help: Get assistance if you lock your keys inside your vehicle.

Salvage and Towing Services

  • Assessing Vehicle: Operators assess accident-damaged vehicles to decide between repair or salvage.
  • Safe Transport: If repair is best, they transport vehicles carefully to repair shops or holding yards.
  • Damage Prevention: Salvage experts secure loose parts, immobilise vehicles, and use safe towing techniques during transport.

Combined Towing’s Salvage Towing Steps

  • Thorough Inspection:

The salvage towing process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your vehicle’s condition. Tow truck professionals meticulously inspect the damage to determine the best course of action.

  • Assessing Repairability:

This assessment helps in deciding whether the vehicle can be repaired or if it’s more economically viable to salvage it. Factors such as the extent of damage, the age of the vehicle, and the availability of replacement parts all come into play.

  • Proper Loading:

If the decision is to repair the vehicle, it’s carefully loaded onto the tow truck. This process is conducted with precision to ensure that the vehicle is secure and won’t sustain additional damage during transport.

  • Choosing the Right Tow Truck:

The choice of tow truck is essential. Flatbed tow trucks are often preferred for salvage towing because they provide a stable and level platform, minimising any further damage to the vehicle. You can rely on a towing salvage service in Sydney if your vehicle has been damaged in an accident or requires extensive repairs.

  • Transportation to the Destination:

Whether it’s a repair shop, a holding yard, or another designated location, the vehicle is transported safely to its destination. Combined Towing’s operators are skilled in navigating Sydney’s roads to ensure a smooth journey.

Tow Truck Services in Sydney

Combined Towing is your reliable partner for Sydney’s towing and recovery needs. With a commitment to safety, professionalism, and efficiency, Combined Towing has established itself as a go-to choice for drivers facing unexpected challenges on the road.

Combined Towing has a fleet of specialised tow trucks in Sydney, equipped to handle a wide range of situations, from accident recoveries to salvage towing. Our skilled operators are trained to provide top-notch service while prioritising your safety and the well-being of your vehicle.

As a company contracted with over 90% of insurance companies in Australia, Combined Towing streamlines the insurance claims process, making it more straightforward and less stressful for vehicle owners. Contact us today for reliable towing services in Sydney!